My Projects

In my free time I develop and maintain a few free, open source projects:

  • Dolcemente - I attended the Cortovisioni workshop organized by my high school in December 2018 in which we made a 5 minute short film with the talented film director Ado Hasanović. I also made a behind the scenes video about the making of the short film
  • Coming Soon - My self-hosted file sharing program written in Golang for the backend, Vue.js for the frontend and Minio for the object storage component
  • - A progressive web app which improves the interaction with my school’s school hours page
  • DigitalOcean Firewall Updater - Keep your whitelisted ip address up to date in the digitalocean firewall
  • Telecom Italia Modem Wifi Restarter - A golang program to automatically restart the wifi of my modem
  • TelegramSchoolBot - A Python 3 telegram bot for my school
  • Drills - A plugin for minecraft spigot servers which allows to create drillers powered by sugar canes

You can find out my photography work on Instagram and my shortfilms on Vimeo.

You can also find more programming projects on my Github and Gitlab profiles,